101 – 1633 Hillside Avenue, Victoria, BC
By appointment only.


FARM’s Cannabis Education Centre

Farm’s Cannabis Education Centre is located at 101 – 1633 Hillside Avenue, Victoria, BC. From the Cannabis Education Centre FARM offers new members free onsite and online appointments with a healthcare professional.

For the comfort of new patients visiting, FARM’s Cannabis Education Centre is a marijuana free environment.

To join, book an appointment and choose between either online appointment or meeting with the healthcare professional in-person at the Cannabis Education Centre.

Please note: Occasionally the Cannabis Education Centre can accommodate walk-in inquiries, but please be aware walk-ins are serviced based on the queue ahead of them. We strongly urge new patients to book an appointment online.

Once your membership has been approved you can begin purchasing medicine from FARM dispensary, located across the parking lot at 3055A Scott Street.

If you have any questions, please contact us using FARM’s web chat feature, you can phone reception at 250-592-0027 or email

What do I need to bring with me for my consultation?

All patients coming in for a consultation need to bring a valid piece of picture ID, and a list of the prescription medication they are currently taking.

If you are a Medical Marijuana Purposes Regulations (MMPR) card holder, you will need to bring in your MMPR documentation.

If you have a prior confirmation of diagnosis, you will need to bring in all supporting documents from your family physician, or, a card from another dispensary if you already surrendered your confirmation of diagnosis to them.

How much does my consultation cost?

The consultations provided by FARM – The Original Farmacy are FREE of charge, we are currently covering all costs of the healthcare professional for our patients.

Can I have a caregiver?

Yes, if it is NECESSARY for a patient to have a caregiver we can set up a single person to be a caregiver on your profile. If a patient is healthy enough to come into the store, we will not assign a caregiver as it is only meant to be used by extremely ill patients.  This caregiver will be able to come into FARM if you are unable to do so yourself.

Where do I purchase my medicine after my consultation?

Our dispensary is conveniently located next door to our cannabis education centre at 3055A Scott Street. Once you have gone through our process of speaking to the healthcare professional, you are a member, and you can head next door to browse through our large selection of products.